Our story is a simple one: In June 2007, our family meets a German Shepherd puppy named Sheba. It changed our family’s life forever. This is the story of our girl Sheba, our journey to help her, and ultimately to meet you!

Sheba was adopted at 3 months old, as soon as she was able to leave her mother. We were with her in her “toddler” years (silly, curious, chewing everything while teething, house training and night time puppy snuggles). Next came her “teenage” years when she became strong and full of energy. Always my willing companion when I went on my dreadfully-early morning runs. Never complaining and always eager as she watched me lace up my sneakers (even at 5:15 a.m.!). She was my partner for my first 5K run, then my first 10K, and then trained with me for my first half marathon. There she was — faithfully running with me, without being fazed by the heat or distance. Always glancing behind her to make sure I was ok, I was keeping up, I was still breathing! And through these “teenage” years – always up for a cozy snuggle at the end of a long hard day. Always sensing which kid (or grownup) needed the snuggle that particular night.

As time went on I started to see my girl slow down. The 10K’s began to get hard for her, then the 5Ks seemed too much as well. Suddenly my best friend was 12 years old and she just couldn’t keep up. It hurt her to get up, she was sleeping more and didn’t have much of an appetite. I decided I wanted to look into what I could do to give back some of the love she had always shown us. On this journey I discovered hemp. And we learned and saw how it helped her and improved her quality of life.

Fast forward to May 2018! It was a new stage of life for for my husband of 27 years and I and for Sheba. The kids have grown up and have homes of their own. It was my husband, Sheba and myself. It was time to look for a new exciting venture for this stage of our lives. During our search, we came across the Amazon platform and realized that we can develop our own high quality dog products, and make them available so that other families could benefit from high quality natural products for their pets, just as we had benefited. Working with a company that creates custom dog supplements and treats, we developed natural and organic dog treats which are 100% safe and made in the USA. We tried them on our girl and — sure enough — we saw a difference almost immediately. She had more energy, and getting up from her bed was easier as well. Her appetite was back and she started playing with the grandkids again! We also learned that our hemp treats helped with anxiety, fear during storms and loud noises. The ginger we added helps with motion sickness and the L-Tryptophan helps calm your dogs’ nerves. The Omega 3 and hemp help with joint and hip pain. We truly believe that we have found the winning combination of ingredients, creating the ideal supplement for our dog…and yours!

We have since developed an Organic and Natural Paw Balm that will heal and protect your pets from hot/cold pavement. It’s like Chapstick for your dog’s paws and nose! See our product page for details and for upcoming products!!

We would love to hear from you and hear how our products have helped your dog! We love and welcome all feedback and suggestions! Please go to our Contact page – and talk to us!

Have a wonderful day and give your dog a big hug from us!

Owner, Bluecare Labs