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It's Pawfect????

After applying this to MY chihuhua's "bad paw" 2 times a day for 7 days and now 1 time every day, I am seeing a drastic improvement!I have tried so many different things- only to see no big change. This stuff is thick and I love all the natural ingredients.. Me and LuLu are very pleased and we both recommend it.PS- I also put this on my cat's paws every couple days with no issues.

ImTara79 Jun 30, 2019 July 6, 2019

Calming Treats that WORK!

I bought these because it was important to me that my dog only eat healthy organic and natural treats. These Hemp treats helped him relax when we had company he did not know. He just seems happier and more relaxed. At his age that is so important to me. Also they were packaged really well and were fresh. He didn’t love the taste at first - maybe because they are natural ingredients- but I put a little butter on them and now he eats them without any cover ups. Glad I purchased these.

Rapaport Diamond Corp Jun 18, 2019 July 6, 2019

Great Tasting Treats!

My girl loves these and begs for more!Great training aid - she now sits when she sees me reach for these treats!will definitely repurchase!

Jordi D Jun 11, 2019 July 6, 2019

Great Product!

My poor anxious pup, used to bark the bark and now, he's mellow and easier to calm when someone passes by. Easier on walks, easier with other dogs.Excited for the duck taste this is a win win treat!

Kinneret Nahamani Jun 10, 2019 July 6, 2019

Great Ingredients!

I needed a salve for my pup's paws and chose this one because of the ingredients.I buy natural for myself AND my dog! Nice big tin that will last a while. Smells great andspreads easily. I would recommend to doggie family and friends!

Kool-aid Stand Jun 07, 2019 July 6, 2019


My dog is scared of thunderstorms, gunshots and other loud noises. I have already started to notice a difference in him since he started them.

Kelly Jun 06, 2019 July 6, 2019

She Loves Them...Thinks It's a Great Treat

When I leave on vacation and have to board my baby I think it's hard on her...she loves these I left them with the border facility to calm her nerves...

Antoinette Knight Jun 03, 2019 July 6, 2019

Great Calming Product

The crews were small and soft, easy for my 17-year-old dog to chew.

Sandra C. May 29, 2019 July 6, 2019

Great Price

My dog likes the taste. Also my dog gets nervous in the car. So I am hoping we get results soon. I heard it could take a week to a month to start working.

Miss Amanda May 26, 2019 July 6, 2019

Helped Reduce My Dogs Anxiety When Boarded in Kennel!

Purchased these for use when my dog went to the Kennel for 12 days. She has a history of high anxiety. She loves these” treats” and takes them easily. In the Kennel they said she was fine and she ATE which she did not do well when when boarded previously!

Sharon L. May 05, 2019 July 6, 2019

Good Stuff

It did seem to calm my German shepherd during storms. We use it as well when she scratches a lot. I think it helps. She’s always itched. So far so good.

Ginny Apr 26, 2019 July 6, 2019

Solution to My Pets Anxiety

Finally something easy to give my fur baby that actually helps keep him calm when he is around loud noises or alone. Fortunately he likes the taste of the treats!

A. Hadar Apr 06, 2019 July 6, 2019

Calms My Lab

Got this awhile ago and have been using on my lab. there have been significant thunderstorms lately and this has set my lab in hyper drive. she is afraid of thunder and will run and hide anywhere she can fit. I like treats for the mere fact that they produce a calming effect on her and also as a side benefit, helps with her joint pain. All i can say is that these chews have been a tremendous help.

ML Jun 19, 2019 July 6, 2019

Paw Balm That Works!

Bought this product because I like Bluecare Labs other products and I was not disappointed. Moisturizes my dogs dry paws and nose - smells nice- safety sealed packaging and organic ingredients so I know it’s safe. Happy with purchase.

KFIR Jun 12, 2019 July 6, 2019

His Pads Look Great

I'm honestly not sure this is only for dogs lol. The blend of herbs & oils makes this smell amazing. It isn't greasy, absorbs quickly and often my hands too. The main thing is to pick a time when my dog is lying down for a while to maximize its benefits.

Eli Jun 10, 2019 July 6, 2019

Non Greasy With a Pleasant Coconut Smell

Really like this product- it’s not heavy and greasy at all. It absorbs really quickly too so my dog doesn’t leave tracks on the hardwood floors or the furniture. I don’t notice any strong smell either- just a very faint coconut smell which is pleasant. This is the first paw balm I’ve found that my dog doesn’t try to lick off as soon as I’ve applied it.

PP Paine Jun 08, 2019 July 6, 2019

Helps With Anxiety!

I tried these chews before taking my dog to the groomer. he was much calmer and didn’t shake. Customer service was great- I asked a question about dosage and they responded right away! I am going to try BlueCare Labs other products as well. The ingredients are organic and natural so I feel confident giving it to my boy.

KFIR Jun 06, 2019 July 6, 2019

Work Great!!!

Purchased these because our dog has anxiety when it storms. Living in Oklahoma it happens often. These chews definitely made a difference in how she has been handling the weather lately! Will be purchasing again!

KJ Lindenberg Jun 03, 2019 July 6, 2019

Made My Dog Hungry Again

After giving it to my dog few times his appetite got better and he is more calm .I guess it works great 🙂

Omri Ben Lulu Jun 02, 2019 July 6, 2019

Calm Dog, Happy Dog, Happier Owner

These chews are made of hemp oil, not to be confused with cbd oil, and also have omega 3s. These work amazing to calm an aggressive dog and at the same time help with joint pain. It has allowed our formally aggressive dog to be around people again. They are make in a duck flavor which my dog seems to think is delicious. It has also helped him sleep better . The effects of the chews last about 24 hours.

Lynette Gilley May 28, 2019 July 6, 2019

These Really Work!

These chews really work! I have 2 older dogs and one had stopped jumping onto the bed and couches. Since starting on these he has been able to jump up and walks up and down stairs pain free. My boys are also very afraid of storms and this has helped with their storm anxiety. Well worth the price and they seem to love the taste!!!

Cindy Armstrong May 18, 2019 July 6, 2019

Good Product

It has helped my dog with her time on the kennel and with the motion sickness. The only downside is that she doesn't like the flavor, but it's easy solved with some peanut butter on it.

Micromini May 04, 2019 July 6, 2019

It Works

My friend gave me these Hemp Calming Chews for my senior dog. I trusted them because I have used other BlueCare Labs products. The Hemp Chews did not dissapoint. My Lab is 10 years old and has a hard time getting up and down the steps. I tried these chews because they say they help with joint pain. I definitely saw a difference after giving him just one dose- he seemed to get up easier when lying down and did the steps with more ease. He didn’t love the taste but I put some cream cheese on it (his favorite treat) - after the first one he ate the rest happily.

Caroline C. Apr 19, 2019 July 6, 2019